An Introduction to 
Compliance Issues for Small Farmers

Compliance Requirements vary by market

Many markets, such as CSAs and Farmers’ Markets, do not need any official certifications for you to access. Regardless, it is important to follow Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). Dr. Nate Storey will discuss the components of GAP and standards, what your farm always needs to follow, and what your farm sometimes needs to follow based on market.

Official Inspections and Procedures

What does it mean when your farm is being inspected? Who conducts the inspections? What are they looking for, and how can you prepare?

Inspections can be daunting, but with the right preparation, your greenhouse will breeze through. We will talk about the inspection process, how to create good logs, and what to keep for inspectors.

For example, tracking your pesticides and treatments is essential. Your workers must abide by sanitary standards, so you need to have a plan for employee training, tracking, and illness reporting.

Think Strategically About Compliance

Minimizing your compliance cost requires you, the farmer, to think strategically. If harvesting cut greens requires a certified kitchen in your state, should  you consider selling standard heads of lettuce instead? Dr. Storey will discuss what you should consider before entering the market and the benefits of using ZipGrow towers for live sales.

What Are Growers Saying About ZipGrows?

"ZipGrow towers are essential to running a profitable commercial farm. The towers tend to sell themselves so having them available in person will sell them well."

Haydn Christensen

Owner of Bayberry Fresh in Fort Collins, CO

“We have yet to sell produce that isn’t off the towers. We’re excited about being on the leading edge of development.” 

Chris Lukenbill

Owner of Fresh With Edge in Rochester, MN

“When we take [the ZipGrow towers] to the farmers’ market, it really attracts people because it is growing vertically. It does get attention.”

Marilyn Yamamoto

Owner of Fresh Start Greens in Las Vegas, Nevada

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