Nate Storey, Ph.D

  • Laramie, WY
  • Bright Agrotech, LLC.

Nate Storey is the Co-Founder, Inventor and CEO at Bright Agrotech - a innovative vertical farming systems startup seeking to empower commercial growers and home gardeners alike grow more with less space with their vertical farming towers and products. 

Dr. Storey earned his Ph.D from the University of Wyoming in Agronomy researching aquaponic production and novel produce sales and distribution models. His research was in direct response to the many barriers to starting farming and living well as a commercial grower in today's world. Not only is the cost of land and equipment is through the roof, but new farmers also face substantial costs when harvesting and packaging their produce - a cost he sought to dissolve with ZipGrow towers which allow local farmers to outsource the harvesting and packaging of their crops to the consumers who receive the freshest produce possible. 

Dr. Storey, along with his business partner, Paul Bennick, operate Bright Agrotech, one of the only independent and profitable aquaponic farms in the world. 

To achieve profitability, Bright Agrotech has invented and incorporates ZipGrow™ Towers, developed as part of Dr. Nate's Ph.D. research. 

Dr. Storey continues to research the use of tower production techniques to increase productivity and reduce costs for hydroponic and aquaponic growers. 

Dr. Nate lives in Laramie with his wife and baby daughter.